21 June 2015

Fun Run Results

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the SSR 2015 Fun Run! 

Top Male Finishers
1. Lukas Chmatal         20:20
2. Dieter Egli                20:52
3. Ryan Matzuk            22:39

Top Female Finishers
1. Bluma Lesch            23:27
2. Pavla Dostalova       25:11 
3. Sarah McCloski        25:14
Left to right: Ryan Matzuk, Sarah McCloski, Dieter Egli, Pavla Dostalova, Lukas Chmatal, Bluma Lesch.

Trainee Research Competition Winners

1st place: Abstract 127, Priya Mittal, Magee-Womens Research Institute, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
2nd place: Abstract 115, Damayanti Chakraborty, University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, KS, USA
3rd place: Abstract 94, Mulin Xiong, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston MA, USA

1st place: Abstract 482, Faezeh Koohestani, University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, KS, USA
2nd place: Abstract 191, Ying Yang, University of Missouri-Columbia, Columbia, MO, USA
3rd place: Abstract 671: Lan Hai, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL, USA

Congratulations to all the finalists for these very competitive awards!

Meeting Updates: Sunday, 21 June 2015


  • Abstract 172 will be presented by Tod Fullston
  • Abstract 208 will be presented by Zulma Tatiana Ruiz-Cortés
  • Abstract 262: withdrawn
  • Abstract 298 will be presented by Marilene Paquet
  • Abstract 325: withdrawn
  • Abstract 334 will be presented by Clay Isom
  • Abstract 349: withdrawn
  • Abstract 376 will be presented by Camila Bruna de Lima
  • Abstract 415: withdrawn
  • Abstract 436 will be presented by Kelsey Brooks
  • Abstract 463 will be presented by Marcella Milazzotto
  • Abstract 478: withdrawn
  • Abstract 529: withdrawn
  • Abstract 544: withdrawn
  • Abstract 562: withdrawn
  • Abstract 610 will be presented by Felipe Perecin
  • Abstract 622: withdrawn
  • Abstract 670: withdrawn
  • Abstract 679: withdrawn
  • Abstract 703: withdrawn


  • The Heritage Luncheon has moved to Level 3, Ballroom B
  • Jitu George replaces Tod Fullston as Trainee Co-Chair in Focus Session 16

20 June 2015

Trainee Research Oral Talk Competition Tonight!

No need to leave the Convention Center to grab dinner tonight between the Poster Session Reception and Trainee Research Award competition—food will be available for purchase at kiosks on the third floor of the Convention Center 5:45-8:30pm!

Meeting Updates: Saturday, 20 June 2015


  • Abstract 74 will now be presented by Angeline Eymery
  • Abstract 112: Iain Buxton will replace Dr. Felipe Vadillo-Ortega in Focus Session 11
  • Abstract 113: Asgi Fazleabas will replace Julie Baker in Focus Session 11
  • Abstract 246: withdrawn
  • Abstract 258: withdrawn
  • Abstract 384: will be presented by Bruna Marcele Martins de Oliveira
  • Abstract 438: withdrawn
  • Abstract 480 will be presented by Felipe Perecin
  • Abstract 489 will be presented by Yoshihiko Hosoi
  • Abstract 540: withdrawn
  • Abstract 552 will be presented by Karen Schindler
  • Abstract 567 will be presented by Cynthia Dela Cruz
  • Abstract 666: withdrawn 


  • The Public Affairs Committee meeting will now be on Saturday, 20 June, noon-1:30pm, in Room 102. 

19 June 2015

Meeting Updates & Announcements: Friday, 19 June 2015

A continuous looping shuttle operated by Rico Sun Tours will be running between the Caribe Hilton Hotel and the Convention Center for the duration of the Annual Meeting. The shuttle will operate from 7am-10pm on Friday and Sunday, and from 7am-11pm on Saturday, the night of the Trainee Research Award Competition. There will be 20 minute intervals between pick-ups, with adjustments made for flow of passengers. Pick-up at the Hilton will occur at a circle driveway just south of the front desk, by the mini gold course. Drop off will be at the front of the Convention Center. 
Food will be available for purchase at the Convention Center’s first floor concession stand 11-2pm Friday through Sunday, and from 5:45-8:30pm on Saturday. 
Search for network “SSR2015”; there is no password or log-in required. 
Use #SSR2015 when posting about the meeting on your preferred social media platform. 
Committee meetings are posted and listed on the Guidebook app: search for “Meetings” to view the dates and times for committee meetings. 

RCMI was incorrectly indicated in the program as supporting the Diversity Symposium luncheon, which is incorrect. The Business Office sincerely apologizes for this error. RCMI is generously supporting three Focus Session speakers: Dr. Jian-hong Zhu in Focus Session 4; Dr. Marilyn Renfree in Focus Session 12; and Dr. Tod Fullston in Focus Session 17. SSR thanks them for their support for SSR 2015; please visit their booth during the poster sessions!
Abstract 49 will be presented by Chandrasekhar Yallampalli in Focus Session 5. 
Abstract 191 will be presented on Saturday during Poster Session B due to travel delays. 
Abstract 221 will be presented by Jianxiang Zhong. 
Abstract 224 will be presented by Soma Ray. 
Abstract 308 will now be presented as oral talk 74, Focus Session 7. 
Abstract 455 has been withdrawn. 
Abstract 479 has been withdrawn. 
Abstract 563 has been withdrawn. 
Abstract 618 has been moved to Poster Session A and will be presented as Abstract 671. 
Abstract 668 has been withdrawn. 

18 June 2015

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